Torroo's creations onto other materials



Hello there!
Welcome to my world 'Freedom of Art'.
I regard music as food for my soul but it's especially black music that forms the main driving force within me.
As a young teenager I was greatly influenced by the rhythms of reggae, funk and soul.
This was later followed by jazz, the blues and salsa.
It was spoon fed to me as a child as it were.
I am deeply grateful to a couple of special people who have crossed my path during my lifetime.
Meanwhile I also discovered the magical influences of African music embodying a collective world on its own.
Black music reaches into my soul and has awakened my drawing talent. This music brings me to life and is a source of endless inspiration to me.
Every creation I make is influenced by an artist or a group and I like to mention their name at the bottom of my work as a source of inspiration.
I did not make a habit of this at first but it has been a while now since I have been making a point of doing this.
I harbour a deep respect for all these musicians... they are the saviours of this world.
They are blessed, they bring us joy, love & peace and so much more.... And I feel blessed.
After creating in black & white for some years I started to use colours.
About my paintings...
Most of these creations were influenced by either pure African music or the ‘serenity’ of  nature.
I feel a strong sense of belonging and bonding with Africa and listening to African music is for me a homecoming of some sort, a journey back to my roots.  
After a conscious choice of a musician or music group has been made, I would immerse myself in its sounds, and I get absorbed in the numerous instruments and all the emotions that come with the music.
In this state of mind, a graphic work is created finishing up with a ‘dotpainting’ technique, otherwise called pointillism. In my painting process, I sing along with the music or simply hum the rhythms of Africa, falling into a trance, landing in Africa. 
My strong preference for music from Mali and Nigeria is noteworthy. Music is for me an insatiable source of inspiration. It is also, in a way, an expression of love for this fascinating and wonderful continent. 
My creations depict my love of life and positive energy.

Carine Vanderstraeten alias Torroo

Living in Ostend/Belgium/Europe